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STEAMY 2.0 USB 32g

STEAMY 2.0 USB is reusable, can save more files and music up to 32g capacity.


STEAMY 2.0 USB 64g

STEAMY 2.0 64g USB is reusable. The user can save more files and music up to 64g capacity.



Sapphire Steamy

Cindy John, also known as Sapphire Steamy is record label owner, based in Toronto, Canada. To date, Sapphire Steamy has released: 1 Mixtape – 6Queen (Oct 2017); 3 EPs – The Queendom (April 2018) | Her Majesty: I AM BILQUIS (May 2019) | The Heiress VS The Priestess (March 2021); 1 Album – Earth God (Nov 2018). Sapphire Steamy is a very diverse artist, who has released songs in multiple genres. The most talked about songs thus far is “Wet”. This song has been played in a number of countries worldwide.

Sapphire Steamy has performed on Stage in Toronto, Oshawa, Scarborough, Etobicoke, Edmonton, Montreal, and Ottawa in Canada. Steamy has also travelled to United States of America making positive connections in the music industry.

Sapphire has won many showcases in Canada. September 2016 and May 2017, Sapphire Steamy performed live at the Canadian Urban Television Awards show. March 2017 she won “Crowd Favourite” and “Best Performer” at the Urban Music Festival held by 9-0-Nickel Entertainment in Oshawa, Ontario.

In 2017, Sapphire Steamy attended and performed at the Urban Digital Music Festival in Los Angeles and Revolt Music Conference in Miami. the Revolt Music Conference, was held in Miami, Florida. This conference in its 4th year and was put on by the industry's very own, Sean Combs. Revolt Music Conference provided Sapphire with a Live to-air interview on The Breakfast Club 105.1 and BeHeard performance conducted and recorded with industry professionals and affiliates of Sean Combs.

After handing out 100 cds at Revolt Music Festival in 2017, and listening to P.Diddy speak. Sapphire Steamy recognized the need to create a product that would be more modern than the cds. In 2019, Sapphire Steamy became the first artist in the world to clone her image on USB and sell music on this device. The STEAMY2.0 USB sets Sapphire Steamy apart from every artist in the world. Currently, Sapphire Steamy has 2 models of the STEAMY2.0 USB and is working on releasing a third. Sapphire Steamy is not only a musician, but also a woman in Technology. A great role model for humans everywhere.

In October 2019, Sapphire Steamy received a Prize from a competition with MakinItMag and was flown out to Atlanta to perform. While in Atlanta, Georgia, Sapphire Steamy was also able to attend A3C Music Festival. Sapphire Steamy was able to place 3 songs on Toyota’s playlist, as well as connect with Google directly. Steamy also travelled to the event with the STEAMY2.0 USB, where music industry executives and businesses were introduced to the new technology.

Sapphire Steamy will continue to make music and inspire beings throughout the Universe. Check out Sapphire Steamy the #6ixQueen from Toronto at   


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